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Online Carpets Christmas Sale!
Online Carpets Christmas Sale!

Budget Artificial Grass

This page features our Budget Artificial Grass. Budget grass can range from the traditional 'greengrocer' look, to our selection of coloured grasses!

All our grasses are made of polypropylene, and are stain resistant and UV resistant. With a permeable backing, water can soak through, and all our grasses are lead & cadmium free!

Child and pet friendly, our grasses can be fitted in almost any application! From terraces to children's play areas, or just as a normal lawn, these versatile grasses are perfect for any purpose!

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  • Grasshopper


      Sale £6.45 per M²

      Only £7.49 per M²

      RRP £9.99
    • Budget Artificial Grass


        RRP £6.99
      • Golf 11 Artificial Grass


          RRP £15.99
        • Diamond Black 6 Artificial Grass


            RRP £13.99
          • Ruby Red 6 Artificial Grass


              RRP £13.99
            • Winter White 5 Artificial Grass


                RRP £19.99
              • Outdoor Carpet Grid


                  RRP £10.99
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                7 Item(s)




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